March 27, 2017

Review Ant-Man: This funny, pocket-sized superhero is worth a shot

Review Ant-Man: This funny, pocket-sized superhero is worth a shot

There was a time when you could have counted the number of superhero movies in Hollywood using the fingers on a single-hand. But, ever since groundbreaking innovations in CGI and Visual Effects took the center stage in Hollywood and the big bucks recovered from the Box Office by CGI-rich, visually stunning movie attempts made it to the top of the priority lists of studio bosses, the world now has a population explosion of superheroes. Add this to the James Cameroon initiated 3D revolution through Avatar.

Now, every year Hollywood rakes in megaload of money from across the world through its hugely popular superhero franchises like the Ironman-series, the X-Men-series, Avengers-series, Thor, Captain America, Superman, Batman and what not. As the latest entrant into the star-studded foray of self-appointed vigilantes, steps-in a pocket sized, super-cool superhero, “Ant-Man”.

As is clear from the name “Ant-Man”, the superhero here is small in size that he goes for his missions on a flying-ant he calls Ant-thony. He is fast, knows every tricks in the book  to stage a break-in, rich with supercool moves and maneuvers, is good-at-heart like every other superhero except the Ironman (the dude has got an attitude problem) and has a mentor to navigate him in the mission of his life and his take away, to become the man his daughter already thinks he is. There is a bit of beauty in the form of the mentor’s daughter to provide an extra push towards the accomplishment of the mission. There’s also a presumptuously genius-minded baddy to complete the plot of the movie.

So in short, the movie has every one of those ingredients that a typical Hollywood superhero movie demands. What makes this one special and fun to watch or a must-watch for superhero movie addicts is the concept encapsulated in it inside a well-written script. The movie packed with some never-before-seen action sequences has the main reason for it in the concept of the movie demands it. Every other details about the movie is predictable given our huge experience in movie watching, but the way the likes of Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish, who are credited with the story of the movie, work on a concept they have in mind is in every which way imitable.

For the total assimilation of the concept by viewers, the script department consisting of Adam McKay and lead actor Paul Rudd apart from Wright and Cornish, have tweaked the story with a “from-start-to-finish”, engaging screenplay. Of course, Director Peyton Reed took the script in full understanding and converted each and every scene, including the difficult action sequences, with maximum details and depth into cinematic frames. The effort by Cinematographer Russell Carpenter worth a million dollars.

There is nothing much to boast about the acting either because in superhero movies, acting takes kind of a secondary role or all the actors deliver decent performances in roles many many levels below their real acting prowess. Yet, veteran Michael Douglas makes his mark with his supreme abilities in getting into the skin of a character as an entomologist-cum-physicist and also a former S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Hank Pym.

Lead-Man Paul Rudd, who was around along the outskirts of Hollywood in a series of low-budgeted or independent films, justifies his selection as the good-hearted petty criminal Scott Lang as well as the size-shrinking superhero “Ant-Man”. He can certainly hope that, the way Chris Evans got a forward thrust from the relatively unknown corners of Hollywood to become an overnight global superstar by being Captain America, he too will benefit form this outing of his.

Corey Stoll as Darren Cross, the bad man, is lethal from the moment he makes his first appearance and Michael Pena as a member of the “Ant-Man” crew shoulders the comic relief department. For Evangeline Lilly, this is not a prolific role as the one she handled in the “Lord of the Rings”, but a post-end credit scene leaves clear signs that she may have to do much more in the next installment.

Anthony McKay, as Sam Wilson/Falcon, wingman of Captain America, makes a brief appearance indicating that either the Avengers characters will make an appearance in subsequent “Ant-Man” installments or “Ant-Man” himself will be inducted into the Avenger initiative in one of the forthcoming Avengers episode. Lets hope for it in both ways….

Overall, despite the negativity of a highly predictable plot, this superhero movie will give a fresh experience with the mere concept on which the entire premise of the movie is developed. If you have a mood for a funny, superhero flick, give this one a definite try.


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