March 27, 2017

Review: “Jilebi” will tickle that child still inside you

Review: “Jilebi” will tickle that child still inside you

The latest box office outing of East Coast Productions, “Jilebi” is a joy-ride that will tickle the child still inside every one of us and for children this will definitely be an unforgettable movie experience. The reason that children are going to cherish this funny roller-coaster ride is because the story will easily sway its spell on them with the realistic portrayal of the naughtiness and mischief of its child protagonists.

Starting from the giant skyscrapers of Dubai city, the movie, soon enough, lands into the familiar surroundings of our rural landscape. Our senses are quickly get attuned to the bygone rhythms of pure rural life where everything is part of a whole entity, nature. That preparations by grand parents to welcome their grand children, that smoke-filled, walls-blackened kitchen where the world’s best tastes emerge through the dexterity of a mother’s hands, that blooming vegetable gardens filled with the sweet scent of soil, that originality and purity of good old yesteryears fill us with nostalgia. There itself a “Jilebi” is handed over to us, the audience.

As we land the first bite on our Jilebi, “Njanoru Malayali” song pops up invigorating the tastebuds of our minds with its sweetness. There on , we get many slices of sweet and sugary Jilebi bites as the children on a short visit to the ancestral village home gel-in with their new surroundings. Even the constant clashes of theirs with their “tough-outside-but-sweet-inside” uncle too are pleasant bites on the juicy snack.

Past-midway through the first half, the movie develops into a road-movie-type narration where the uncle (Jayasurya) takes the two naughty siblings on a road trip to Kodaikanal. Sequence after sequence we continue to get our share of taste-filled bites on that “Jilebi” of ours.

Post-interval the road-trip and a series of thrilling experiences between the uncle-siblings pair helps their thus-far bittersweet togetherness to get the sugar-coating on a sweet “Jilebi” and we too immerse ourselves completely in the sweet offering on screen.

The movie ends with that “bumper sticker” message capable of challenging the fixations held high inside the minds of many of us forcing us to think that only in big cities value-added life prevails. The message if translate into a fine sentence would read like, “good education and life not only belong to big cities but also small villages too, otherwise many of the torchbearers of humanity as it is wouldn’t be there where they are as known by all of us.

Jayasurya and the two children Master Gaurav and Baby Sayuri are the driving forces of this 2-hour long fun-ride where Jayasurya displays the master-class he achieved in acting through the portrayal of a simple, innocent farmer. The children are definite promises for the future. Remya Nambeesan, too, showcases the maturity she accumulated over the years as an actress and essays her role of a career-focused, single mother with ease.

After many a movies we get to see the portrayal of a mother as it is and also an in-form KPAC Lalitha in Jilebi. Vijaya Raghavan and Shari in their grand parent roles provided the necessary backing that the story demands in the setting of its plot. In the comic department Dharmajan and Shahsi Kalinga in the company of actors such as Haisree Martin played it to satisfaction.

This debut attempt from Director Arun Sekhar is sweet and his teaming with Producer East Coast Vijayan who holds superhits like “My Boss” to his credit is even sweeter like a “Jilebi”.


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