March 28, 2017

Controversy created to tarnish govt’s image: A K Balan

Controversy created to tarnish govt’s image: A K Balan

Minister A K Balan said that his recent remarks in Assembly over the Janani Janmaraksha scheme were pushed into a controversy with an intent to tarnish the image of his department and the state government.Replying to the Rights Violation Notice served by the Opposition in the Assembly, Balan said the Speaker can check the CDs of his statement and can scrutinize the matter in the presence of the Opposition leader.“If they find any fault with the statement, I am ready to accept it,” he added.The notice was served by Congress MLA Hibi Eden. Meanwhile, the Opposition interrupted his reply,demanding an apology from him.At this point, the Chief Minister intervened and said the Assembly cannot function amid such commotion.After this statement, the Opposition walked out of the house.The Minister’s remarks about infant deaths among tribal community had triggered a debate in and out of the Assembly.


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