March 27, 2017

Review on Aanandam Movie

Review on  Aanandam Movie

STORY : Crushes, courtships, fun and frolic in the life of a few first-year engineering students with fruity dreams, lined up over a four-day industrial visit trip form the thread of Aanandam.

REVIEW : It’s said that time adds gloss to the past, but say campus days and almost everyone would go ‘those were the best days of my life!’ Even for the crop that has spent the times with stressful periods of academics, unrequited love and self-esteem issues, there would be happy episodes that flashback as their quintessential college times. Aanandam is all about such a chapter, in the life of a few students.  Akshay, Kuppy, Gautham, Varun, Diya, Devika and Darsana are classmates, friends and partners in crime. Aanandam tells the tale of an industrial visit they had, alongside the rest of the batch and teachers. The film begins on the beaten track introducing each of the characters as the campus stereotypes – funny guys, Romeos, serious types, and the like. The movie takes a cruise through a few perfectly captured beautiful locales.

The story has an average first half, a salt n pepper second half with some smashing music, interesting-but-expected cameos and moments that make you reminisce your college days. Director Ganesh Raj deserves to be appreciated for taking aboard a cluster of fresh faces in his debut venture. Not that they set the screen ablaze from the word go, but the performances come across as earnest and endearing, as the movie reels ahead.  Aanandam is all about fresh faces, both in cast and crew, but can’t say that it exudes a lot of ‘newness’ as far as the story, characters or the feel in itself is concerned. But it has enough to entice its target viewers – the college kids. The film can evoke at least a few memories for everyone, especially those who are engineers!


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