March 27, 2017

ISIS Supporter Arrested for Killing Soldier in Saudi Arabia

ISIS Supporter Arrested for Killing Soldier in Saudi Arabia


The Interior Ministry of Saudi Arabia announced on Saturday, the arrest of Daesh supporter and his seven co-conspirators who were involved in the killing of a soldier in Tabuk, situated in north western Saudi Arabia.

Hail Bin Zaal Al-Atawi (ISIS supporter) confessed to the killing of Abdullah Bin Nasser Al-Rashidi (deceased) following an order from the Daesh leadership, says Maj. Gen. Mansour Al-Turki, the ministry’s security spokesman. The crime was conducted to target the military personnel, said Al Atawi who admitted his association with the Daesh during an interrogation with the police.

While driving his private vehicle at the ring road on November 20, Al Rashidi was shot dead in the Tabuk city. After leaving from work at Ministry of Defense, Rashidi was found dead his car and was claimed to be shot at least 14 times.



On November 23, following an enormous manhunt, Al-Atawi was arrested by the local police forces.

Based on the findings of the laboratory tests, a machine gun was allegedly used in the soldier’s murder by the suspect. Seven co-conspirators were also taken into custody in liaison with the murder.

In order to gather more information about the terrorist gang and their activities, Al Atwai and his accomplices are being cross-examined.

According to the earlier reports, two days after the soldier’s murder, a suspect handed himself over to the police.


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