March 27, 2017

Let us Meet ‘Rajini’ Chan

Let us Meet ‘Rajini’ Chan

That is the stage name of Chan Swee Seng, a Rajinikanth fan who performs Tamil songs from the superstar’s films at events.The wife of airport logistics officer Chan Swee Seng suspected he was having an affair with an Indian woman. This was 17 years ago, when despite listening to Tamil music albums every day, he was also buying Tamil magazines and books and even taking Tamil language lessons.

He certainly had a love affair, but it was with Indian movie superstar Rajinikanth.Mr Chan, 61, tells The Sunday Times with a chuckle: “I had seen Rajinikanth’s film Padayappa in 1999 and fell in love with the story and songs. I started researching more about Rajinikanth and the more I learnt, the more I admired him. So I did what any fan would do – listen to the soundtrack, try to learn more about the culture.

“I didn’t explain to my wife why I became such a big fan though. She thought I had an Indian girlfriend. He became such an ardent fan of the star that he started performing Tamil songs from Rajinikanth films to crowds at charity events and cultural festivals during his free time, complete with dance moves.

His stage name? Rajini Chan.”Curious listeners will come up to talk to me about why I like the actor so much, and I always enjoy talking to them – it’s more fun when you can share your passion.”My kids just see all this as the idiosyncrasies of an old man,” says Mr Chan, whose three children are aged 22 to 26.The legendary movie star in Tamil cinema, Rajinikanth has one of the biggest fan following ever.


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