March 28, 2017

Google released ‘Featured Photos’ Screen Saver App for Mac

Google released ‘Featured Photos’ Screen Saver App for Mac

Good news for Mac users. Google launched a new screen saver application, utilizing its vast library of stunning photography.

The photos you will see are the same that grace your TV when using a Chromecast or Android TV device, so the images will seem familiar.

Using the app is easy enough. Once you download the necessary file, simply install it on your Mac, then enable the “Google Featured Photos” option in your Settings menu. Once your computer goes into its screen saver, you will see the photos.

“With our new Featured Photos screensaver for Mac, you can display stunning, high-resolution photography from our Google+ members whenever your computer is inactive,” Google product manager Neil Inala wrote in a Google+ post.

The screen saver shows a different image each time that it appears. If you have additional displays attached to your Mac, each display will show a different image.

Click here to download:


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