March 30, 2017

A Journey to the End of the world

A Journey to the End of the world

Australia: World’s first ever largest female expedition group  sailing to Antarctica on Friday from Australia. They are conducting this experiment to increase the number of women in important scientific roles around the world. They are planning to travel to the world’s end which they called Ushuaia, a cold and windy spot city in Argentina. The group contains 70 women and they will spend 20 days at sea. The voyage is part of the Homeward Bound initiative, an Australian programme aimed at increasing the representation of women in top science jobs across the globe. The idea raised on the minds of the pair who met up in a leadership course and they were Dr Jessica Melbourne and Fabian Dattner. They are very much frustrated at the challenges faced by women in science quickly became a bold idea. “For various reasons it can be difficult for women to get to Antarctica or the Arctic,” Dr Melbourne-Thomas, an expert in Antarctic ecological modeling, says.

The selection part was the most difficult and interesting one. The 76 women were selected from a pool of more than 1000 applicant’s, and will be given a chance to observe the effect climate change in Antarctic on first hand. Various lectures were taken by experts during the training on different topics on Antarctic Science. The importance of emotional intelligence, managing difficult conversations and influencing decisions are among the topics that will be covered as part of the leadership program. The expedition is privately funded and each of the participants has to pay their own. They tried for the funding from the Australian Government but could not make it possible.


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