March 27, 2017

Demonetisation: Mamata Banerjee asks PM Modi to step down

Demonetisation: Mamata Banerjee asks PM Modi to step down

KOLKATA: Bengal chief minister Mamata banerjee on Thursday asked Pm Narendra Modi to own up the responsibility for the finacial disaster in the country and step down. She said that those benefited from the demonetisation are BJP and the associates of Modi.Mamata said that she had been abe to bring maximum number of political parties together on the issue of demonetisation for the collective interest of the people, as public are harrased, but Modi government is trying to gag the democratic voice of the people. “I am forced to say that even after a month of demonetisation, things have not improved but now there is a financial disaster and a famine like situation taking shape.” She added that Modi is putting his agencies CBI and ED against those who are protesting against his policy.

 “The demonetisation is a rash and one man show. It is an one man who led the disaster, for which we are suffering. He did not even consult any economist. He does not trust any one. He has no team of experts to consult. He is liable to the Parliament, as people elect the MPs and for which the Trinamool MPs are raising the issue every day in the Parliament.” The CM said that the RBI governor did not say anything so far and due to respect for the chair of the RBI governor, she did not cast any aspersion against him.”The PM is leading the government in an autocratic way and thinking that he can do anything, can grab land of others, or create riot or ban notes. Even Indira Gandhi did not act in this way. Perhaps he did not consult any one in his party. I can not say about their inner party matters. But Advinaji is a respected leader and he had voiced against demonetisation.” She said those who are associated with the PM bought land, property and diamond and have got new notes. The big industrialists are leaving India, she said.


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