March 30, 2017

Hope Veeram will make us proud at the Oscars: Jayaraj

Hope Veeram will make us proud at the Oscars: Jayaraj

Director Jayaraj and team are on cloud nine as the song, We Will Rise.., from their film, Veeram, has found a place in the long list for nominations in the original song category at the 89th Academy Awards. The director and its American music composer, Jeff Rona, share with us as to what went behind the making of the song. Jayaraj: It was in October 2015, I met Jeff Rona at United States to discuss the music of Veeram. During our conversation, he suggested me that the film should have a theme song. In Hollywood, theme songs are considered the heart and soul of a film. And we decided to go for it!

Jeff Rona: I wrote a score that I hoped would reflect the feelings and story of the film. The characters and theme of the film are so strong, hence it was important to write music that would reflect not only the conflicts between the characters, but also the conflicts within the characters. Jayaraj: The film is an adaptation of Macbeth through Kerala’s Vadakkanpattukal. Hence we wanted an impactful lyrics and also a unique voice that would stand out from the rest and also convey the meaning of the song. Our search ended at Kari Kimmel and she wrote beautiful lyrics along with Jeff and sung it for us.

 Jeff Rona: I asked Jayaraj what he hoped the song could express, and he told me “the tragedy of ambition”. That was a challenge! My writing partner of the song, Kari Kimmel, who also did the amazing English vocals, had the idea to express not only the downfall of one who seeks too much, but also the joy of right trumping wrong. Thus We Will Rise… a song that expresses the feeling — after tragedy comes the rise — was born.


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