March 27, 2017

After lambasting trolls, Kejriwal Says ‘Can’t Be Punjab CM ‘, I’m in Delhi’

After lambasting trolls, Kejriwal Says ‘Can’t Be Punjab CM ‘, I’m in Delhi’

A day after Delhi Deputy CM Manish Sisodia appealed the people in Mohali to vote for AAP assuming that it is to make Kejriwal the CM, while leads to the lambasting trolls against Kejriwal in twitter, the Party Chief on Wednesday said that he would run for the top office in Punjab.

Asserting his statement, the Kejriwal on Wednesday said : “I am Delhi Chief Minister, I cannot become Punjab Chief Minister”.

Speaking at a public meeting in Badshahpur village in Shutrana constituency, the CM also added that “whoever becomes Chief Minister, it will be my responsibility to fulfill promises.”

Kejriwal, however, defended Manish Sisodia’s appeal to vote for Kejriwal as CM face and said there is nothing wrong in what the Delhi’s deputy chief minister had said.

On Tuesday, AAP leader Manish Sisodia just stopped short of declaring Kejriwal the chief ministerial candidate during an election rally in Mohali, giving rise to speculation whether the Delhi CM was indeed intending to make the switch.

“Cast your vote presuming that you are voting to make Kejriwal CM. Your vote will be in the name of Kejriwal,” Sisodia declared yesterday.

However, in the next breath, the deputy chief minister added that Kejriwal would be responsible for fulfilling all the promises the AAP makes to the people of Punjab.

Kejriwal has maintained that AAP would not announce a chief ministerial candidate in Punjab, rather the CM would be elected by legislators after the polls.

Sisodia’s remarks on Tuesday had drawn strong remarks from both the Congress and SAD camps who accused him of betraying the voters of Punjab. Punjab deputy CM Sukhbir Singh Badal alleged that the move was ‘part of a conspiracy to foist Kejriwal on Punjab.’

Some Twitter users also took the Twitter by storm through hilarious reactions over ‘Arvind Kejriwal as Punjab CM’. Here is how they reacted:

Amarinder Singh also posted on Twitter, “After months of beating around the bush, truth of Arvind Kejriwal and his nefarious ambitions comes out! What a sneaky little fellow!”


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