March 28, 2017

Haj ceremony talks to be held by Iran and Saudi Arabia

Haj ceremony talks to be held by Iran and Saudi Arabia

To discuss preparations for the next annual Haj pilgrimage, Iran has received an invitation from Saudi Arabia an official said on Tuesday.Accommodation, transportation, safety, medical care, visas and banking, would be some of the topics to be focused on, saidAli Qazi-Askar, Iran’s representative for Haj ceremonies.

Iran would respond to the invitation over the next few days.After several rounds of meetings last year, Tehran and Riyadh failed to reach an agreement on arrangements for the Iranian pilgrims to join the annual ritual in September 2016.Iran accused Saudi officials of creating obstacles for its government to send pilgrims to the ceremonies.Also, Saudi authorities said Iran was politicising the issues related to the religious rituals.Iranians were among other pilgrims who died in stampede in 2015 Haj.Saudi Arabia in January 2016 cut its diplomatic ties with Iran following attacks on its mission in the country during angry protests against the Saudi execution of a prominent cleric.


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