March 27, 2017

Rahul Gandhi yet again makes his blunder speech, today and twitter couldn’t stop mocking him

Rahul Gandhi yet again makes his blunder speech, today and twitter couldn’t stop mocking him

The Congress VP Rahul Gandhi today organised a comeback section for his party, with the name ‘ Jan Vedna Sammelan’, as usual, to mock Prime Minister Modi and to speak against demonetization.

It is also not mysterious that the VP is landed back after a 10 days long trip for New Year in London.

But Rahul , yet again turned the event into a disaster for Congress. Some of its party members were also seem to wonder , whether their leader is campaigning for the BJP.

During his speech, he started attacking Modi government and demonetization move saying that it’s made the life of common people difficult and people are suffering. He went on to say that BJP did not give respect to institutions and has weakened every institutions in the country. He said RSS and BJP do not respect RBI and abruptly added that Congress has fought for the Nation and every Congress worker have given sweat and blood for the Nation. This is not the transformation India was looking for and Acchhe din would come only if Congress comes to power he added.

But the worst nightmare came to Congress when Rahul Gandhi made the most damaging statement saying that “We don’t need to explain what Congress did or did not do in 70 years. But BJP has done in 2 and half years what we could not do!”

For a second the entire crowd went into silence!

Rahul Gandhi without realizing his blunder went on and on and suddenly brought in YOGA issue into his speech. He said that he observes PM Modi a lot and Modi hasn’t done Padmaasan, My Yoga guru says those who do Yoga can do Padmaasan and those who do not do Yoga cannot do Padmaasan.

It became hard for people to control laugh after hearing Rahul Gandhi’s speech!

He then tried to attack PM Modi using media and said “My friends in the media come to me and say…They want to say something but can’t”

His entire speech turned out to be a big joke to the audience and a nightmare for the Congress party. When Congress was still digesting the disaster he created after giving interview to Arnab Goswami in 2014, he has again dropped a bomb in his own party.

After hearing the speech of Rahul, the twitterities couldn’t stop trolling Rahul Gandhi and mocking him for his ignorance.

Here is how they reacted:



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