March 27, 2017

Why gave my husband a rifle if he’s mentally unstable, asks BSF jawan’s wife ; releases audio clip

Why gave my husband a rifle if he’s mentally unstable, asks BSF jawan’s wife ; releases audio clip

The wife of the BSF jawan Bahadur Tej Yadav, who was termed mentally ill after his video on food served to soldiers on the border went viral, has come out in defence of her husband.

“If my husband was mentally unstable or indisciplined, why was he given a rifle by the BSF to guard the country’s border in crucial areas?” asked Sharmila Yadav, wife of Yadav.

My husband’s problem is that he is in the habit of not tolerating injustice, for which he has suffered during his service tenure,” Sharmila Yadav said. Around 90 lakh people have watched the video and around 4.4 lakh have shared it on social media sites in three days.

Talking to TOI, Sharmila claimed that his husband has won overall 14 awards including a gold medal in his 20-year career in BSF.

Backing her husband’s claim Sharmila also releases an audio clip alleging that he is being harassed by the authorities to tender an apology for the fiasco.

He told that senior officials are involved in malpractice and that they were threatening and forcing him to apologise. In the audio clip he also said that there was no investigation being carried out into the

Sharmila also accused BSF of punishing his husband for exposing their flaws.

“BSF is a disciplined force and in the armed forces even a small mistake is intolerable. If he had such a bad record, why was he retained ” she asked.

Sharmila, who lives with her 17-year-old son, Rohit, said her husband wanted to continue for another five years in the BSF, but officers compelled him to take voluntary retirement after completing 20 years of service on January 31. His VRS application has been approved. “My husband had discussed with me many times the poor quality of food served to them but I was stunned when he posted the video. I told him that he may be in trouble.”

She said she had warned her husband about the problems he will face for the video and as expected people started questioning the authenticity of it.

“Since I know Tej’s Facebook password, I logged in to clarify that it was genuine account and post,” she told TOI.


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