March 25, 2017

Great Achievement, Now India can conduct surgical strike even from 300Km distance

Great Achievement, Now India can conduct surgical strike even from 300Km distance

Indian Army has achieved another milestone. Now there won’t be any more rumours or controversies about the surgical strike as now we can conduct surgical strike even from 300Km distance.

While the first carriage flight of Sukhoi-30 MKI fighter aircraft with BrahMos missile only a dummy drop was successfully achieved in June 2016, the firing of the actual supersonic missile is now scheduled for April. This integration will allow India to order surgical strikes destroying targets about 300 km away.

A senior officer privy to the testing process told, “The testing is in the advanced stages. A few minor marrying issues (integrating Indian systems with the Russian aircraft) are being sorted out. We are confident that the fighter and the missile will be ready for a flight in April.”

When the Su-30MKI becomes operational with BrahMos missiles, it will provide the Indian Air Force with its most lethal fighting power till date. Indian pilots will no longer be required to fly to heavily defended airspace to strike enemy fighter bases, or targets like terrorist camps, nuclear installations and military headquarters.

“Our fighters can launch this missile about 300-km from their target and return to safety. The missile will take care of the rest,” a senior pilot who flies the Su-30s for IAF said.

The project, which was first conceived in 2012, saw defence PSU Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) take more than two years to hand over a modified Su-30MKI which could be integrated with the missile.

The IAF’s initial requirement is for two Su-30 MKIs with BrahMos, but it eventually wishes to integrate 216 missiles on 42 Sukhoi fighters. The project was first conceived in July-August 2012.


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