March 25, 2017

Terror Talks Underway Between Neighbors

Terror Talks Underway Between Neighbors

Pakistan and Afghanistan are discussing means to address concerns over terrorism.

Sartaz Aziz, Adviser on Foreign Affairs to Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, disclosed this yesterday.

“Both sides have said that terrorism is a common enemy and both sides agree that there should be cooperation for dealing with this issue. We are holding discussions for a joint mechanism,”he said.

Last week, Afghanistan requested Pakistan to implement an agreement on countering terrorism reached during last year’s quadrilateral talks that included America and China.

The Afghans have urged Pakistan to act againstTaliban and Haqqani sanctuaries in Pakistan.

Aziz hoped the proposed pact on terror could be formalized on the sidelines of the upcoming Economic Cooperation Organisation summit scheduled to be held in Islamabad early next month.


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