March 25, 2017

Nokia Makes A Comeback

Nokia Makes A Comeback

Iconic Finnish brand Nokia  a revised version of its iconic 3310 model over a decade since it was discontinued.

Unlike the original version that was known for its sturdiness, the revised version  will allow web browsing.

The new version will bring back its predecessor’s popular ‘Snake’ game and distinctive ringtones, said Arto Nummela, the head of Finnish start-up HMD Global, manufacturer of  the phone under a licensing agreement with Nokia.

“The telephone will allow you to talk for 22 hours, ten times more than the original,” he said during a presentation  prior to commencement of the  Mobile World Congress.

Launched in 2000, Nokia’s original 3310 sold  over 120 million units globally before it was discontinued in 2005. This made it one of the world’s best sold phones.

Sources believe resurrecting the popular model was a clever way  to re launch Nokia. This development together with the launch of some other smart phones indicates Nokia could take over as much as 5 per cent of market share in such mobiles. This marks a fight back by Nokia  which was in 2011 overtaken by  Samsung  in manufacturing smart phones. Nokia despite that continues to be popular in developing countries.


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