March 30, 2017

350 Girls from Seven Colleges, Still no warden for University Womens Hostel for last One year

350 Girls from Seven Colleges, Still no warden for University Womens Hostel for last One year
Adding to the woes of the inmates at the University Hostel for Women, Thycaud, the hostel does not have a warden for the past 11 months. The rooms here are already overcrowded and there has been complaints about poor quality of food. An additional officer (AO) is the acting warden from the last academic year in the hostel, which houses around 350 girls from seven colleges across the city.

According to the officials, the vacancy for hostel warden still remains open due to dearth of qualified persons. “After we issued the notification to fill the vacancy, we received a few responses but none of the applicants was qualified. We will soon issue a renotification and appoint someone as soon as possible,” said M Jayaprakash, registrar, Kerala University. However, sources said that any woman with the qualification of PG and above and is above 45 years of age can apply, provided they are ready to stay at the hostel.
Meanwhile, a former warden said the lack of support from the university authorities dissuades people from taking up the job. “I was not able to take independent decisions and the internal politics was too much to handle. I had to quit my job due the lack of support from the university authorities. Taking care of so many grown up women demands a lot of responsibility and perseverance. Being an AO and warden together means compromising many responsibilities because the post of AO itself demands so much time and energy,” said the former warden who served at the women’s hostel for a period of 6 years.
“Earlier, a warden and three matrons used to be available 24×7 and they used to take care of all emergency and medical situations. All requirements of the inmates and letters to the university are channelized to authorities through the warden and absence of a warden can pose serious problems. It should be addressed at the earliest,” said Febini Joseph, former hostel secretary.



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