March 30, 2017

MS Dhoni Loses And Recovers 3 Mobiles Phones After Filing Complaint

MS Dhoni Loses And Recovers 3 Mobiles Phones After Filing Complaint

Mahendra Singh Dhoni filed a complaint after losing three of his mobile phones. The former India skipper alleged that his phones, including an iPhone, were stolen during the recent fire near his hotel in New Delhi. However, the phones were found later on Sunday. “It was an error of judgement on part of the person who took the phones. He and a couple of other staff had entered the cricketer’s room to sanitise it. He took away the phones without knowing their ownership. When the police contacted him, he accepted and handed over the devices to us,” a senior police official said.

Dhoni had filed a complaint alleging that his phones were stolen during the fire incident near the hotel in Dwarka on March 17.

In his complaint, the cricketer alleged that he had left his phones in the hotel room when he had gone for breakfast downstairs.

Later, when his staff went to pack his things, the mobile phones were missing from the room. A case in this regard was registered at the Dwarka south police station.

Dhoni, along with his Jharkhand cricket team, had on Friday escaped unhurt after the fire broke out near their hotel.

Police had said they received the complaint from the cricketer and a couple of persons had been detained in the case.

The complaint was filed by Dhoni on Saturday, Deputy Commissioner of Police Surender Kumar told IANS, which stated stated that he lost the devices during the evacuation process.

Dhoni along with his Jharkhand cricket team members had rushed out of the hotel in a hurry as smoke had entered their rooms. He had forgotten to carry some of his belongings, including the phones.

Later after the fire was doused and he got back to his room, he found that his mobile phones were missing, Kumar said.

The police investigated the case and the hotel staff were interrogated. A CCTV footage of the lobby was also examined, Kumar added.

Meanwhile a statement from the Welcome Hotel said, “The investigation has indicated no involvement of the hotel staff and no FIR has been registered against us. We have fully cooperated with the authorities in their investigation.”


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